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domenica 26 ottobre 2014

Another Yummi cake with no carbs!

How nice it is creating new combinations of food melt them together and find a way to create a soft cake with no carbs, something so Metabolic that you can eat in your daily routine!!

U wanna try it?

2 eggs (whole)
40 gr soy protein (no added sugar/flavours)
10 gr cocoa powder
200 gr Soy milk (no added sugar/flavours)

sabato 25 ottobre 2014

Super omelette!!

Today I'm back to a good body weight so I think that lowering down a bit my daily calorie intake was the right choice!
56.2 kgs!

To celebrate this, here's my fantastic omelette created with this morning's creativity!

1 egg
10 gr shredded coconut
20 gr provola cheese, cubed
1 gr Matcha leaves in powder


See the results below

lunedì 13 ottobre 2014

First results coming!

So, my Body Fat % is 16.28
My lean mass is 54.10 %

Seems like average for a woman is 18-24% so it is pretty good!

First goal will be to reach 15% level, pretty hard but we'll work hard for it!

My metabolic diet seems to get better.

This weekend recharge lead me to a weight of 57.7 this morning and is very good compared to the past week's recharges! 

So, noticed that recharging from sat lunch to sunday evening is a good option and my carbs level from diary were very few (cheese on sunday morning, pistacchio ice on sunday evening) and had a couple of slices of cakes (no cream on then: apple pie and marmalade cake).
So, I had my good portion of good cakes...which I really do love.

My sat lunch was about grille fatty meat and few polenta so I stated in the metabolic rate. No wine on sat!
A couple of cups of wine on the sun morning.

That's it! A lot of tasty and a bit unhealthy food!

Monday morning weight: 57.7 kgs

- 0.3 kgs vs last recharge! ;)

venerdì 10 ottobre 2014

Wonderful breakfast! Poker Drum!

Oh yes, what a tasty breakfast, this morning!

1 poker drum
1 egg
10 gr almond in granes
Extra virgin Olive Oil

See results on the picture!