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venerdì 26 settembre 2014

Nutrition for the hair

E.v.o. Oil;
Cannabis oil;
Castor oil;
Patchouli essential oil;
Rosemary essential oil.

All healthy and goldie nutrients for the hair!

Leave on for 15 mins and then rinse off + have your normal shampoo!

Your hair will thank you for that!

lunedì 15 settembre 2014

After the 2nd recharge of Carbs

Hi there!
Seems like this time it got better!
I gained only 1 kg and hopefully, i will loose it by tomorrow.
What I noticed today, this morning is my great energy! I didn't feel tired at all, nor bloated!
On sat I did the recharge almost perfectlyy: 150 gr carbs, 40/50 gr of fat and low protein
Yesterday I did not my best by keepin high levels of carbs and fat too but low protein, somethin very hybrid but I did not eat too much so I probably kept the levels of eventual damages down!

I, of course am back on track, today!
Let's see what the scale will tell tomorrow!

Keep in touch! 
Stay focused!

venerdì 12 settembre 2014

Learn to create a meal with what you have!

Nowadays, life is so damn full of thinks to do, multitasking is not an option, but a must.
We ain't got that much time to take care of ouselves. Sometimes we even ain't got time to go to the supermarket!

Tonight I felt really full of energy and it is the 2nd week of metabolic diet with low daily carbs intake! 
So, reasons for this energy could be the re-entry of Alcalin-oti (calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate) in my diet and the use of protein beef powder for today'snacks!

I literally kicked ass in the gym tonight!

Here's my dinner!

Shirataki 150 gr (rehydratated pasta)
Spices (black pepper, mango powder)
Evo oil

Tasted really good! Again, low carbs, high fibers!

giovedì 11 settembre 2014

Morning breakfast

And what did I have this morning?

1 whole egg
20 gr shredded coconut

Fried as a frittata

100 gr strawberries
A bit of cinnamon powder
15 gr whipped cream!

I simply Looove Metabolic Diet!!


Rigataki Zen Pasta

Nutritional facts
Tot carbs per portion (60 gr) 91
Protein 2,6
Carbs 0
Sugar 0
Fibers 40
Salt 120 mg
Fat 0,4

Cook them for 13 mins on hot water
Spices (black pepper, mango powder, turmeric)
Oil 3 gr
Scalloin 8 gr
Sweet green pepper 12 gr
Tomato 20 gr

And here's the result

martedì 9 settembre 2014

Flax seed in case of fiber deficiencies

So, there's one thing so far I have noticed about my metabolic diet! Being the diet poor of Cho, I am having too few calories in fibers! Too low for letting me going to the bath regularly. That could really become a serious problem, stopping me from getting results from this meticulous programme.

So, flax seed could be a good solution and I have started taking 10 gr/day in a glass of water being held there for an entire night.

First thing in the mornig is half of a lemon juice with water (lighly hot)
And a glass of those seeds.

Getting better today, so I'll mantain this new entry for the next days in order to normalize the situation.


So, tomorrow I'll have those two snacks

1 - in the morning

20 gr Parmigiano Reggiano
80 gr Cucumber
4 gr almonds

2 - in the evening

80 gr Cucumber
10 gr mayo
10 gr peanuts

Sooooooo, metabolic!!

sabato 6 settembre 2014

Happy metabolic Saturday

Can't believe I can eat sweet things, low carb, high taste!
Two eggs
10 gr shredded coconut
17 gr Carnivor Beef Protein powder
5 gr Whipped cream on top
A bit of cinnamon powder spreaded all over

That's it!


venerdì 5 settembre 2014

Shirataki rice!

This dinner was very satisfactory!

Shirataki rice 50 gr.
Green pepper 15 gr
Black pepper
Chicken Wurstel 150 gr
Fucus 2 gr
E.v.o. Oil

So delicious!

Do you know tgat Shirataki is a root? It is completely low calorie food! 
Domething like 6 gr carbs per 100 gr!
That's all it has! Total kcalories? 24!!

It contains glucomannan that seems like it can stimulate the absorbtion of the carbs. 

It's like a little miracle, isn't it?

It does not taste like pasta but it's a good substitute. 
You somehow feel like you're having some pasta for dinner, but you don't and you are only taking 24 kcal i.o. 200!!

Simply fantastic!! And you know what? It seems very light at taste, like if you're eating something so delicate, even if I added lots of spices you'll still have the sensation of have eaten something light!

You won't get up full and bloated like you would have done after having eated some pasta, with the same ingredients I used.

Tryyyyyyyyyyyy it!!

giovedì 4 settembre 2014

Wrapping scrub for water retention loss

Hi there!

Being on a period, is not that easy for a woman!
It always end up with a bad mood, bloated belly and of course, water retention on our legs!!
This is the worst period ever of the month!
You gotta fight against sadness, irritability, wild mood swings!
And of couse, you think you have worked hard for so long, for nothing! :)
Thank God, those bad feelings have an end too!
So, to repair a bit the damage done by hormones, I tried to wrap my legs and glutes with an homemade scrub rich in essential oils that helping letting out the exceeding water.


Sunflower oil
Coffee powder
Hymalayan salt
Various essential oils (see the picture).

Goodnight ladies!

Emergency workout plan

Hi there!
Unlucky day, today, for me! 
Did not make in going to the gym but I decided not to skip my daily workout and go with the b-plan creating my workout at home with what I have...

Check this out:

150 jumps at the skip rope


Hip extensions on 4 - till failure (60 reps)
Standing hip extensions 60 reps
Straight leg dead lifts 50 reps w/5 kilos dumbbell/hand
Bridges 50 reps
Squats (ass to the grass) 50 reps w/dumbbells 5 kilos/hand

1st time - right leg only
2nd time - left leg only
3rd time - right leg followed by left leg (for the 1st two exercises)

Jumping rope - 150 jumps

Total workout in 40 mins

I repeat, this was not my daily routine workout, but I don't have heavy weight at home so had to do high reps per exercise, this time!

martedì 2 settembre 2014

Happy Metabolic Breakfast!

A cup of Strawberries
Lemon juice
Shredded coconut
Whipped cream

Started with a part of my daily intake of Cho - 5 gr out of 30.
Red fruits are one of the fruits with less sugar on it and they're rich in antioxidants.
Optimum source of Cho.

Happy Morning to you All!!

Tomorrow'snack: bresaola and..

Look at those wonderful rolls I have made for tomorrow'snack!
I can't wait to eat'em! :)

Avocado gr 10
Grana padano gr 16
E.v.o. Oil gr 2
Celery gr 40
Green olive 1

All wrapped into Bresaola!


Fucus, I love you!

Back on track, day 2
I feel generally strong but stress is waiting for me at the corner!
In a short while people will finish their vacation and Milan will be back to its annual chaos! 
Today I didn't want to take Fucus with water, it's like drinking mud! Not that tasty, neither appealing, almost disgusting! :)

So, what did I do?
Mix of salads
Green olives
E.v.o. Oil
Aaaaanf Fucus, just 3 gr!

Wooow!! Surprisingly delicious! 

Try it!!

lunedì 1 settembre 2014

Listen to the signals

Ok, so had 1st weekend with the goal of recharging cho but failed!
I have two things that might have negatively influenced the proof-of-the-scale moment.
One is that I was in my period, the first and worst days, the second is my mistake: had too much total Cho!
So % of macro this time should have been like Cho 35-50% Pro 15-20% Fat 25-40%
So, apparently I kept my diet in those parameters but, total kcal of Cho were too much by the end of the day.
The suggestion was 135-140 gr
I took 190-220 gr instead!!
So, while I should have been ok, I found myself boubcing back to + 3 kilos!
And that's really frustrating but, I'm already back to the week regimen and I know I'll be fine in a couple of days!
What I learned is that I need a plan, also for those weekends, otherwise I'll surely do the same mistakes again!
Gotta be focused and try to select from those Cho I would love to eat me on those days and pick them up one by one and try to observe the reaction of my body after have eaten them!
So, more consciousness, more focused, less distracted by freedom sensation!
Keep in touch, friends!
1st day of the second turn of testing period.

'Night folks!